• Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty

    Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, St. Petersburg State University

    The Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St.Petersburg University together with its scientific partitions: the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, the Computing Center, the IT Research Institute, the Astronomical Institute - is one of foremost scholastic and scientific centers in Russia. It draws the most serious and able entrants being care for mathematics and gives to them the first-class education.

  • A team of Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty students won the silver medal at the World Cup 2013 in Programming!

    A team of Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of St. Petersburg State University consists of: Dmitry Egorov, Paul Kunjavsky and Egor Suvorov led by coach Andrei Lopatin won a silver medal at the World Championships in Programming in 2013, which was held on July 1-4 in St. Petersburg, Russia.